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Assemblage — Magunya, Mqhayi, Magandela & Mahlongo
Moving Still — Milandri, Bingham & Nourse
Proses, Patroon en Strategie — Anton Karstel


For the month of November we are activating fresh, new exhibitions.

Nando's Creative Exchange in partnership with Spier Arts Trust.

Nando's Creative Exchange

Various Artists

For the month of November we are activating fresh, new exhibitions; Nando’s, world’s largest collector of Southern African emerging art, will be showcasing works by 7 artists through the Nando’s Creative Exchange, spanning our Main, Mezzanine & Media galleries.

A group show entitled Assemblage by Lindile Maguvana, Fikile Mghayi, Boyce Magandela and Sandile Mahlongo occupies the main gallery. A pendant group show entitled Moving Still by Elsabe Milandri, Emalie Bingham and Emma Nourse is installed in the mezzanine gallery. On a video in the media room the road that the participating artists  took on their way to the AVA can be witnessed.

Anton Karstel’s solo exhibition Proses, Patroon en Strategie is about to open in the long gallery. Karstel’s paintings investigate the guilt and fear endemic of the armed struggle in South Africa through the lens of a post-net culture.


Lindile Magunya, Fikile Mqhayi, Boyce Magandela, Sandile Mahlongo

Main Gallery

The Assemblage exhibition showcases the work of Boyce Magandela, Fikile Mqhayi, Lindile Magunya and Sandile Mhlongo. All four artists are well represented in the Nando's art collection and are currently transitioning from emerging to mid-career artists.

The exhibition is the outcome of a three-month mentorship programme with a focus on professional practice and the development of narratives in each artist's works.

In the exhibition ‘Assemblage’ the participating artists show new works. They have been challenging themselves in terms of medium, concept, scale and ambition. Emphasis was placed on process and personal development. The underlying idea was to explore new ground.


Sandile Ashar Mhlongo | Retirement of a Car Parking (detail)

Moving Still 

Elsabe Milandri, Emalie Bingham, Emma Nourse

Mezzanine Gallery

n Moving Still, artists Elsabe Milandri, Emalie Bingham and Emma Nourse take as a departure point their own subconscious thought-paths and inner landscapes. Allowing and trusting in their instinctive responses to images, objects, text and a variety of media to direct their creative process, they build each surface one mark at a time. Mark-making is an essential language in each artist’s work, their vocabulary consisting of both gestural autonomic marks that carry a lightness and immediacy as well as very intentional and carefully considered moments. In this way the works evolve – pasted, painted, stitched, drawn, written or grown over the surface – as a form of meditation and discovery.

Detail of Root suspended Acrylic on Italian cotton canvas 60 x 70 cm 2017

Proses, Patroon en Strategie

Anton Karstel

Long Gallery

The source photographs for Anton Karstel’s ‘Proses, Patroon en Strategie’ are of the armed struggle in South Africa. Most source images were culled from the internet, also using images from books and public spaces such as the Voortrekker Monument and the Robben Island ticket office.

Karstel was interested in images that circulate in public, hence he did not use records from archive collections. Some of the source photographs are deemed acceptable, while others are predominantly used by right-wing propagandists. Karstel used this subject to fuse aesthetics with politics and ethics, and to blend aesthetic pleasure with disturbing emotions such as guilt and fear.


Anton Karstel, Limpet Mine at an Electrical Substation, 2017, Oil on canvas, 25x30cm

Short Film

Nando's Creative Exchange

Media Room

Nando’s Creative Exchange Exhibition will be showcasing the road the artists took to arrive at the exhibition. The video documents the artists’ initial conversation with the AVA, the setup of their works and interviews with the artists in order to give the viewer an in-depth, personal & behind-the-scenes take on the life of a professional artist and their relationship with a gallery during a group exhibition.


Elsabe Milandri, Portrait