21.06.2018 - 19.07.2018


Main Gallery: Com!cs 2018

Long Gallery: Oh to find an Island

Mezzanine Gallery: Re-vision

Com!cs 2018

Main Gallery & Salon Room

The Association for Visual Arts puts the spotlight on comic art this June/July with a winter production that promises to impress. AVA will present a wide range of comic art to the public this winter as part of its annual programme of fixed-anchor, in-house curated projects. 2016 and 2017’s winter programmes centred on printmaking and photography respectively. This year, the AVA has invited six renowned South African and two international comic artists to create original comic panels for the production of a limited-edition portfolio, to be auctioned by esteemed auction house Strauss & Co. in their October live auction (all proceeds benefiting AVA’s ArtReach fund). These panels will be exhibited alongside an array of works by comic artists from around the country in two exhibitions: Com!cs and Under 18s Only, that run from 21 June to 19 July. 

Poster design and illustration by Casper Schutte

Oh to find an Island by Ingrid Coerlin, Mem Sevenster and Yolanda Warnich

Long Gallery

In these tumultuous and uncertain times where natural systems are threatening to collapse, diversity within natural and cultural spheres is declining and where the experience of virtual reality is on the increase, a yearning to find a place ‘cut off from all without’ is emerging. The response in contemporary art shows a return to painting and drawing; the reappearance of the human mark which reopens formerly repressed terrains such as intuition, imagination and emotional paving the way for more irrational forms of expression. The works by artists Ingrid Coerlin, Mem Sevenster and Yolanda Warnich selected for Oh to find an Island can be seen as expressions of this longing for an island of respite. This longing is however haunted by the knowledge of the co-existence of other terrifying realities and the impossibility of escape from external destruction.

Re-vision by Taryn Millar and Tracy Megan

Mezzanine Gallery

In their first collaboration, Re-vision, Taryn Millar and Tracy Megan use paintings, drawings, collage and interventions on found texts and images to expose the limitations of language. Language, by definition, aims to articulate and refine meaning; this exhibition seeks to unravel it. By layering and juxtaposing a variety of recognizable and abstract elements, the ensuing visual relationships open a space for ambiguity prompting new interpretations. While from a certain perspective the works may be said to disrupt the viewing experience, a correlating experience is being encouraged through the careful and considered enmeshment of elements such that each work creates an alluring reconsideration of its potential myriad meanings.