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Nadja Daehnke — Equals & Averages
Mihkail Petrakov — Diphthongs
Vuyisani Mgijima — Kuyasa

Kim Gurney — Pulse


During the month of September we will be showcasing four exhibitions covering ideas on time, memory, history, sound, culture and symbiosis.

Installation of Nadja Daehnke's solo show "Equals & Averages" showing at the AVA Main Gallery until 24 October 2017.

Equals & Averages

Nadja Daehnke

Main Gallery

Time, history, memory haunt Nadja Daehnke’s exhibition Equals & Averages. These works reflect the relentless passing of time; and yet each moment is revealed as omnipresent as history works its effect. Memories, necessarily re-imagined, hold us in their grip. The exhibition speaks of a memory of what has-been and what will-be, forever deferring the present.The title of the exhibition suggests rationality: a weighing and comparing. Yet this rationality here erupts into a melee of emotion and obsession. Disembodied figures and especially the silhouetted Man mock a cultural fantasy of perfect (and perfectly moral) normality that he represents.

Equals & Averages is composed of fragile surfaces. This material decay echoes the entropy of an ‘everyman’, who not so much progresses through time, but anxiously attempts to hold history and memory static, providing himself with evidence of status and unquestionable context.  

The exhibition is accompanied by furniture by Lim.

Nadja Daehnke | Attention must be paid, to such a man, 2016 
| Transfer and acrylic on 425 gsm Bockingford 100% cotton-rag paper | 76 x 66 cm



Nadja Daehnke | Utitled (Gaze), 2016 | Acrylic paint on 400 gsm Atlantis 100% cotton-rag paper | 152 x 122 cm 


Mikhail Petrakov

Long Gallery

Diphthong is a vowel sound in which the tongue changes position to produce the sound of two vowels.

The Diphthong exhibition is an experiment in translating the sounds of the world into the visual realm through photography. The visuals allow the viewer to derive meanings through interpreting the shapes on a conscious and subconscious level.

Mikhail Petrakov | Twice in a Full Moon | Photography on Metal


Vuyisani Mgijima

Mezzanine Gallery

Kuyasa is an exhibition by Vuyisani Mgijima. Reflecting daily life in Khayelitsha and Mitchell’s Plain, recording realities of post-apartheid daily life experienced by many South Africans.  The paintings include references to unemployment, education, play, conflict and cultural life as observed but often unseen on the edge of Cape Town.

Vuyisani Mgijima | Ibohokwe ngeye Siko 2016 | Mixed media on board | 56 x 81 cm 


Kim Gurney

Media Room

This micro exhibition comprises an experimental film and a series of 10 related drawings. It is largely inspired by bees, which have a special role in the ecosystem as vital pollinators in a human food production chain in addition to their cultural and other symbolic value.

Kim Gurney | Pulse, 2016 | Photographic stills from time-lapse film | Timelapse film
| Photography: Daleen Nel Hall
| Sound: Kim Gurney (performance recorded by Brendon Bussy) Duration: 4'07'' looped