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Vanitas 2013 / 2 December 2013 – 16 January 2014

A group exhibition of 21  painters

curated by Clare Menck.

The Latin term 'Vanitas' can broadly be translated as vanity, or transience, and is interpreted in Dutch and Flemish still-life painting of the 16th and 17th centuries with symbols like skulls, smoke, hourglasses, fish and hunted animals, fruit, insects such as flies and butterflies, and bubbles.  These contrasting symbols underline the paradox of the life-death dichotomy, by on the one hand describing the sensuality of the pleasures of the flesh, and on the other reminding of the certainty of its passing and of decay.

Vanitas 2013, a group exhibition with 20 painters was curated by Clare Menck. Vanitas 2013 aims towards a new take on this age-old theme in terms of contemporary South African painting, with a sterling list of celebrated and promising contemporary painters. New symbolic images that relate to the ancient wisdom will give new life to it and to painting now.  Vanitas 2013 includes paintings by Ingrid Winterbach, Johann Louw, Walter Meyer, Anton Karstel, Henk Serfontein, Pauline Gutter, Anathi Tyawa, Simon Stone, Andries Gouws, Nicolaas Maritz, John Murray, Eugenie Marais, Peter van Straten, Cobus van Bosch, Jan du Toit, Wendy Gaybba, Annelie Venter, Kennett Sinclair, Monique Schumacher (Netherlands/Austria), Albert Greving (Netherlands) and Clare Menck.


Anathi Tyawa - Portrait of a four-year-old with spear and bone, after Paulus Moreelse (1571-1638)





















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