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Translation Games / The Apostles / Lucky

Translation Games by Elgin Rust, presented in the Main Gallery, is a response to the current media hype produced by the ever increasing reports of violent gender crimes and their subsequent trials. These often very violent cases, flood media platforms positioning the judiciary in the lime light. The public not only watches to see “justice being done”, it actively judges perpetrators and victims based on the continual information released. Television, news, newspaper articles, online blogs and twitter feeds translating legal jargon and performances for public consumption. This performative collaboration investigates the unpredictability and circular nature of the translation processes.


In the Long Gallery, James Macdonald's sound installation, The Apostles, functions as a site of reflection,a chapel of sorts. Twelve listening stations present the stories, life experience and personal philosophies of twelve individuals – all homeless and living on the streets of Cape Town. Shifting the manner in which these men and women are generally heard, or not heard, the monologues were transcribed and presented as though texts of scripture or liturgy by Bishop Garth Counsell and Reverend Margaret Haynes of the Cape Town Anglican Diocese. Thus, engendered with a sense of spiritual and moral significance.


Lucky by Danielle Bischoff Is a photographic series presented in the Artsstrip gallery. An exhibition that visually investigates dogs and their human counterparts, shared lives, special connections and intertwined histories. Dr. Sandra Swart from the University of Stellenbosch writes: “Dogs provide a lens into understanding human society and culture in Southern Africa. Behind every dog breed we find ethnography and a social history as well as a genealogy – its cultural, as well as its genetic heritage”


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