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Portals / Wading / Between the Blue Swimming Pools

Anthea Delmotte employs the Main Gallery with an exhibition titled Portals. A series of portraits that resonate as visual interviews between the artist and her subject. Delmottes fascination with individuals in the South African contemporary art world has manifested into paintings of well known gallerists, curators, and other artists. A self taught realist, her works capture the individuals in their work environments, the way they look, how they organise themselves within their space and the way in which the artist relates to these individuals on an emotional level.

Rodger Bosch presents Wading in the Long Gallery. Photographing in the confines of Kalk Bay, a small seaside village, Bosch uses a rangefinder camera and black and white film to explore an internal world dimly recalled, filled with feeling and navigated through instinct. Using the sea as a conduit for his investigation Bosch strives to find, read and understand what there is beyond the familiar, his images articulating the moment when lands, seasons and people become ideas, recollections and feelings.

In Between the Blue Swimming Pools Katrine Claassens exhibits a new body of oil paintings that looks at the environmental costs of the one of the world’s most desired living spaces: suburbs. Suburbia is often explored in negative terms relating to banality and subversive things happening behind the clichéd picket fences however there are other, more pressing, troubles in these tamed landscapes where lakes are fishponds, fields are coaxed into lawns and walking is driving. Claassens paintings explore the suburbs as both, emotional landscapes and problematic centres of consumption.


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