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Out of Site / Jean Brundrit

in partnership with Spier
invites you to the opening of
Out of Site by Jean Brundrit

Opening address by Svea Josephy
Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at the Michaelis School of Fine Art UCT

Opening on Monday, 26 August at 18:00
Exhibition closes on Thursday 19 September at 17:00

As the pun in the title implies, the show takes both sight- as in vision- and site- as in place- as starting points to generate a dialogue between new and older works from the artist’s extensive oeuvre. Loosely unified by Brundrit’s continued interest in negotiating identity politics, Out of Site breaks fresh ground both formally and conceptually.
Vision plays a pivotal role in The Space Inside, the most recent manifestation of an ongoing exploration of lesbian subjectivity. Here, in a gesture equal parts unsettling and subversive, Brundrit’s subjects reject their status a spectacle. Although captured in ample detail to invite scrutiny, their closed eyes starkly demarcate internal and external worlds in an inversion of the power equation between the viewer and the viewed.
This challenge to the very terms of visibility is carried through in Making the Waves, a series of large-scale 3D scans produced with equipment traditionally used for mapping the physical environment. Framed by works produced earlier in Brundrit’s career, among them her Out in the archive (2006) and Nature Study (2011), these more recent pieces are contextually enriched. Read as a whole, Out of Site provokes a reflection on the nature of vision and its implications for representation, particularly those instances that intersect with the nuances of desire.
A book titled, Out of site: representations of identity in the work of Jean Brundrit (SoSo Press) will be launched at the opening.

Jean Brundrit is a visual artist who works with photographic media. She has exhibited extensively in South Africa and contributed to a number of international exhibitions. She is a Senior Lecturer at the Michaelis School of Fine Art, University of Cape Town where she teaches photography. Her research interests are primarily concerned with exploring identity, specifically lesbian identity and strategies of representation within a South African context.



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