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Jo Voysey – Remedy – 3 March – 10 April 2014

In this exhibition Jo Voysey focuses on the expressive potential of medicinal remedies as a medium for painting. Her exploration is concentrated on aspects of the human relationship to animals in captivity, and stems from a relationship she had with a caged bear when she was living in Georgia, Eastern Europe, in 2011. Her time with the bear affected her profoundly, and prompted her to think more deeply about human relationships with animals and how they are expressed in contemporary art.

She started using medicine as her medium for painting many years ago. At that time, she was working with ideas of hurt, loss and healing that related to her experience of the sudden and traumatic deaths of her three uncles, who died in quick succession over a very short period. She wanted a medium that could function symbolically and formally, and that could evoke the human bodies that she did not want to depict naturalistically. Medicine offered to be the perfect medium that now continues to function analogically with loss and healing in her work. In this exhibition, she uses it to portray her encounter with another animal family: that of the bear.

The work speaks of the obscuring of boundaries between humans and animals. It reflects that the lives of the two are becoming increasingly intertwined, and the dividing line between what is distinguished as animal and what as human is becoming incredibly thin. In this instance, Voysey sees the ever-softening dividing line as a metaphor for our love for animals, as well as our contradictory ability to treat animals with disregard, or to simply abandon them.


Jo Voysey - Curious Creature - 2013

Jo Voysey - Curious Creature - 2013
















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