March 15, 2016 - Comments Off on First Solo by Bethuel Ramadi – 10 March – 2 April

First Solo by Bethuel Ramadi – 10 March – 2 April

Bethuel Ramadi, My City, Oil on canvas, 80 x 63 cm


Bethuel Ramadi was born in a small village called Tshikomani in the province of Limpopo in Venda. He was interested in art from childhood. Bethuel had to drop out of primary school due to circumstances beyond his control. When his father passed away he lived as a street kid. The artist found teachers very dogmatic. They had no ideas of their own to impart. Naturally Bethuel considers himself a critic who pays attention to detail. His artistic practice thrives on his ability to analyze. Bethuel is a product of the
Matongoni Mountain Art Academy, where art principles and other methods are taught to help widen people’s potentials. The institution encourages artists to express themselves freely.

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