31.01.2018 - 24.02.2018


Sorrel Hofmann - & Friends (Main Gallery)


Brian Bradshaw - Gouaches (Long Gallery)


Marguerite Moon - Shape-shifting: Reimaging mothering

and mother-being (Mezzanine Gallery)

Sorrel Hofmann
& Friends

Main Gallery

This solo exhibition is an exploration into the forms of violence – psychological, ecological, political and personal – that are perpetrated in the name of ‘grand narratives’ emanating from theoretical regimes. Sorrel Hoffman’s work has paid particular attention to such violence as it affects women, the people of Africa and the environment in recent years. Emanating from deep, on-the-ground research and wide reading and interviewing of people, the artist attempts to position herself less as an accuser than as one who is ‘in conversation’ with those she critiques. The works on show incorporate painting, sculpture and installation as well as a series of large scale books which Hofmann has been working on for several years. 

Sorrel Hofmann, The Chair 1, 2017, Ink and Watercolour on Board, 84 x 125 cm

Brian Bradshaw

Long Gallery

Brian Bradshaw (1923-2016) was an artist and long time educator who headed up the Fine Art Department at Rhodes University for almost twenty years during the 1960's and 1970's. He ruffled the feathers of many academics whilst exciting and encouraging his learners, some of whom include Hylton Nel, Penny Siopis, Emma Bedford and Christopher Till. Bradshaw’s influence on the work of his students was remarkable and a new Eastern Cape style emerged. He was the founder of The Grahamstown Group and was largely responsible for a particular bold approach to South African landscape oil painting rendered in a bravura style. Little known are his gouaches which were made in the 1970’s and probably only ever shown at the university gallery. They reflect a view of the South African landscape and nature which is unique in style and content.

In 2013, Bradshaw moved back to Wales the country of his birth after spending most of his life in South Africa. Bradshaw died in November 2016. 

Brian Bradshaw, Desert Moon, Gouache, 42 x 59 cm

Marguerite Moon

Shape-shifting: Reimaging mothering and mother-being

Mezzanine Gallery

Marguerite Moon's exhibition offers a reimaged and contemporary representation of mothering and mother-being by shifting the gaze from the age-old Madonna and Child trope—an ideal devised by the male gaze, bolstered by religious convictions—to a personal lived experience. By acknowledging the mother’s selfhood (mother-being and artist-mother) and mothering as an active and ever-changing state, the layers present within and between mother-being and mothering are unpacked. Exploration of the intersubjective and relational dynamics between the artist's two daughters and the artist directly influence her photographic methodology. The photographs become objects of convergence: of absence and presence; time passing; feminist mothering within the domestic space; projection, reflection and mirroring—through photographic strategies that imitate these elements.

Marguerite Moon, Gala Everyday Portrait March 2015-April 2016, Giclée print, 145 x 120 cm

Investec Cape Town Art Fair 2018

The AVA Gallery - Booth F5

Find us at The 2018 ICTAF from the 15th to the 18th of February in the 'Cultural Platforms' section. Artists we'll be exhibiting include Fikile Mqhayi, Boyce Magandela, Sandile Ashar Mhlongo, Lindile Magunya, Emalie Bingham, Elsabe Milandri, Emma Nourse, Rory Emmett and SaySay.Love


Photograph: Copyright Nina Lieska