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Ronald Muchatuta — The Great Exodus
Simon Ker-Fox — Salted Earth
Rory Emmet Concerning Alchemy


For the month of August the AVA has three introspective solo shows in the pipeline of work by three different artists, using photography, painting, charcoal, chalk, performance, video, and a combination of these media.

Ronald Muchatuta | Kwatabva Kwakure — We Have Come a Long Way | Mixed Media

The Great Exodus

Ronald Muchatuta

Main Gallery

We welcome Ronald Muchatuta’s The Great Exodus - an upacking of stories and narratives following the lives of foreign nationals living in South Africa. Salted Earth by Simon Ker-Fox in turn investigates a process of images creating a story with characters that are caught between places. Rory Emmett’sConcerning Alchemy promises a multimedia show of technicolour and theatre.

Ronald Muchatuta | Journey I, 2017 | Mixed Media

Ronald Muchatuta | (Re)Distributary, 2017 | Mixed Media

Concerning Alchemy 

Rory Emmett

Mazzanine | Media Room

Through Colourman, Emmett explores the medium of painting and attempts to push its boundaries and conventions - materially and conceptually. His main concerns are with the language and alchemy of painting and identity, whilst using photography, video and performance to manifest his findings. Through his work, Emmett interrogates colour and its various ideological connotations.

Couple with Child, 2017 | Oil on card | 12 cm x 18 cm

Salted Earth 

Simon Ker-Fox

Long Gallery

Simon Ker-Fox’s exhibition Salted Earth, shot in an isolated corner of the skeleton coast, considers the toxicity of isolation. While it draws on the rough and exposed natural environment, the aesthetic is laced with traces of absolute vulnerability.

Finding Gaps, 2017 | Hahnemuhle German Etching paper | 101.5 x 71.3 cm