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3 ½ meters / Replica of Memory / Weird Marriage / 6 May – 30 May 2013


The Main Gallery of the AVA hosts a group exhibition, titled 3 AND A HALF METERS: COMMITTEE’S CHOICE . The ten current AVA committee members, Stacey Adriaans, Matthew Blackman, Caroline Coates, Chantal Louw, Marilyn Martin, Richard Mudariki, James Nilsen, Chad Rossouw, Elgin Rust, Cobus van Bosch, have each selected a work or works by contemporary artists to be exhibited in their allocated three and a half meters.

REPLICA OF MEMORY   by Aidon Westcott

Aidon Westcott’s mixed media artworks fill the Long Gallery , filled with symbolic imagery aimed at awaking forgotten memories in the subconscious mind of the viewer. The imagery is build up in layers of antique packaging and selected ephemera through the medium of collage which is combined with hand stitching, thread and oil paint.

WEIRD MARRIAGE   by Ilené Bothma

Bothma explores the strangeness of the domestic space, the relationships that play out within that space, the repetitive activity of human labour and the poetics of the everyday. She explores this through sculpture, video and installations installed in the Artstrip.




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