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July 30, 2015 - Comments Off on Cape Town Salon – A Tribute to Rose Korber – Opening 2nd Dec 2015 – will run until 30th Jan 2016

Cape Town Salon – A Tribute to Rose Korber – Opening 2nd Dec 2015 – will run until 30th Jan 2016


The Cape Town Salon opens December 2, 2015

THE vibrancy of local art – its playfulness, but also its colourful social suss - is the thread that runs through the rather eclectic group exhibition that the Association for Visual Arts has put together for its end-of-year summer celebration in the AVA Gallery.

Titled the Cape Town Salon, the show will open on Wednesday, December 2 and run for the duration of the festive season. A wide range of paintings, prints and ceramics will be on display and for sale.

As the classic title ‘salon’ suggests, the artworks chosen, are meant for a more intimate experience - one that would ultimately manifest itself more personally when it finds a permanent home after being acquired by an art lover. The AVA Gallery’s interior has been especially furnished for the occasion, with help from new partners Madame Zingara and Stokperd Home Décor.

It is an important imperative of an exhibition like this (unlike one-person shows) that the works complement one another and that they are for sale – at an affordable price.

The non-profit Association for Visual Arts has been an active supporter of local art for many decades. Part of this vision is to take good artworks into people’s homes. Both appreciation and acquisition are promoted by the salon.

The first Cape Town Salon – it is hoped to become an end-of-year tradition – is also offered as a special ‘Tribute to Rose Korber’.

The esteemed art dealer and, for many years, member of the AVA and its predecessor’s committees, introduced the salon concept to Cape Town more than 20 years ago. Held annually at the end of the year, Ms Korber brought together art from the most diverse sources and studios, artists famous and unknown – all chosen with an expert eye.

She will be guest of honour at the opening.

The Cape Town Salon – A Tribute to Rose Korber will run until January 9, 2016.

* On Tuesday, December 1, as a preview to this important exhibition, a fundraising wine-and-art event will be presented at the gallery. Synaesthesia will match different wines from top producers with various artworks on show.

More information: 021-4247436

July 2, 2015 - Comments Off on Associated Exhibition of MATRIX

Associated Exhibition of MATRIX

David Krut Projects, in collaboration with the AVA, is pleased to present MATRIX, an exhibition of editioned works from the David Krut Print Workshop (DKW) that sheds light on the processes of printmaking. The exhibition coincides with the AVA/Strauss Open Printmaking Studio, which is to be held at the AVA from 4 June – 21 July and will see the main gallery transformed into an open studio for 32 artists and 7 printmaking specialists. The selection of works explore a range of different intaglio and relief printing techniques and are exhibited alongside the plates that were used to make them and, in some cases, the trial proofs that show the development of the work.

Prints, unlike paintings or drawings, generally exist in multiple examples.  They are created by drawing a composition not directly on paper but on another surface, called a matrix, and then, by various techniques, transferring that image onto paper. The matrix (from the Latin word mater, meaning mother) can be made out of a number of things – a wooden block, a metal plate, a lithographic stone or a mesh screen for example. At DKW, etching (on copper plates) and relief printing (on woodblock and linoleum plates) are used most frequently. Artists in studio have the opportunity to work with a master printer, who helps to achieve the marks the artists want by guiding the artists in the manipulation of the matrix. The job of the collaborating printer, ultimately, is to build the confidence in artists that allows the way they see the world to come through their hands, in a medium and using techniques they may be unfamiliar with and taking the transformative nature of the press into account. Printmaking is the only medium in which the process of an artist’s image creation is revealed, also to the artist – when a proof is pulled off the press, the artist sees the result for the first time, along with everyone else. Consequently, the print workshop is a supportive environment that embraces technical and aesthetic exploration, innovation and collaboration.

Included in MATRIX are works by Deborah Bell, William Kentridge, Maja Maljević, Senzo Shabangu, Diane Victor, Mary Wafer and Quinten Williams that offer viewers insight into techniques from linocut to aquatint. As well as plates and proofs, the installation includes explanatory text for each technique used and a number of important printmaking terms.

July 2, 2015 - Comments Off on Public Architecture, Heritage, Art and The City

Public Architecture, Heritage, Art and The City

“Public Architecture, Heritage, Art and the City”, currently at the AVA, comprises work produced by 12 Honours students at the UCT School of Architecture, Planning + Geomatics. The focus of their studio work, guided by Jo Noero, was the design of a Centre for Contemporary Art as part of the Iziko South African National Art Gallery. In the process, they have addressed the role and needs of the institution.

An interrogation at this level brings to light museological and architectural challenges in the 21st century: preserving the history and heritage of the national art museum, while situating it firmly in the present.

The vision informing the students’ work and the exhibition is to stimulate debate around museums of contemporary art in Cape Town in general and the future of the Iziko South African National Gallery in particular.

July 2, 2015 - Comments Off on The AVA/Strauss & Co Open Printmaking Studio

The AVA/Strauss & Co Open Printmaking Studio

From 4 June – 30 July the AVA Gallery, thanks to Strauss & Co and Business and Art South Africa,  will turn into an open studio for over 32 artists and 7 printmaking specialists.  The end of the open studio will run concurrently with Strauss & Co’s exciting Online-Auction from the 13 -27 July, whose focus will be works on paper.

Each day of the open studio will see an artist or artists working together with a printmaker to produce a unique print in either relief or intaglio.  The public will be able come and see the artists at work in a bottega or atelier style studio environment. All works produced over the period will be hung on a washing line that will circumnavigate the gallery.  The washing line will then, at various stages, be curated by well-known and upcoming curators.

Artists will range from exciting young to established names. They will work with a trained printmaker in a medium which they do not usually work in.  During the same time the AVA will be running paid workshops as well as unpaid workshops as part of our ArtReach programme.  All work produced will be on sale immediately hot or, in reality, a little damp off the press on a first seen first served basis.

Participating Artists include:  Mohau Modisakeng, Dan Halter, Laura Windvogel, Roderick Sauls, Katherine Bull, Chloe Reid, Olivie Keck, Georgina Gratrix, Richard Mudariki, Vulindlela Nyoni, Jared Ginsburg, Ian Grose, Kerry Chaloner and many more.

The AVA/Strauss and Co Open Printmaking Studio will be brought to you by Strauss and Co, Business and Art South Africa and the AVA’s associated sponsor Spier.

April 16, 2015 - Comments Off on Unfolding Her by Jill Trappler 30 April – 30 May

Unfolding Her by Jill Trappler 30 April – 30 May

The AVA is pleased to present “Unfolding Her” by Jill Trappler

Beneath it is all dark, it is all spreading, it is unfathomably deep; but now and again we rise to the surface and that is what you see us by.                                                                                                                                             ‘To the Lighthouse’ Virginia Wolf

Jill Trapler Image

In 'Unfolding Her' Jill Trappler explores the notion of ‘foreverness’ in her art practice.

Trappler writes:

The interwoven rock faces of the mountain enfold me, hold me as I wander and then return to work with a small surface in an attempt to describe, to give rise to, the Great Mother and unfold my spirit from her embrace. These journeys continue as the ancestor’s surface and the stars deliver their messages…As a weaver by trade I know the significance of wearing color, pattern and texture and the way they interact with ones sense of being.

Employing several different techniques and media from printmaking to weaving to bead-work to painting to collage, Trappler’s new body of work provides a vehicle to take us back into memory, stories, myths and innate places.

The exhibition will be opened by Marilyn Martin  the vice-chairperson of the AVA.


Acrylic and silk on canvas

Acrylic and silk on canvas

Acrylic and silk on canvas

Acrylic and silk on canvas



Saturday 28 March 11am – 12pm

Association of Visual Arts (AVA) Gallery

35 Church street, Cape Town, Western Cape

Join Rick Rohde, Hanien Conradie, Virginia MacKenny and Angus MacIntosh for a conversation about our relationship with the landscapes we inhabit and the implications of these relationships for social, economic and environmental justice.

Rick Rohde is an Anthropological Research Fellow and Co-investigator for the Arts and Humanities Research Council funded project focusing on the historical ecologies of the Namib and intangible cultural heritage of western Namibia. His work spans political ecology, land reform, and politics of climate change science, historical ecology, and visual ethnography.

Hanien Conradie is an artist whose work searches for answers to questions around belonging, uniqueness, and our relationship with the natural environment.

Angus MacIntosh is a grass farmer and carbon sequestrator. His farm, outside Stellenbosch, applies Biodynamic agricultural principles and practices in raising cattle, laying hens, vegetables and vines.

Virginia MacKenny is head of painting at the Michaelis School of Fine Art. She is also an independent art critic, writer and established painter with a special interest in environmental issues.

March 17, 2015 - Comments Off on A Pristine Land Interrupted By Paul Van Schalkwyk

A Pristine Land Interrupted By Paul Van Schalkwyk

The Association of Visual Arts in partnership with Spier presents A Pristine Land Interrupted By Paul Van Schalkwyk

24 March - 22 April 2015

The paradox is that I cannot observe and photograph without intruding. Without leaving my mark. It does not matter how careful I am. Even if I succeed to obliterate all evidence of my intrusion, the mere fact that I return with a photograph is proof of my intrusion. I have changed the scene’s status forever. I am taking away something and I am also giving something.

- Paul van Schalkwyk, June 2012

After opening to a packed audience at the Franco Namibian National Cultural Centre in Windhoek, A Pristine Land Interrupted is now travelling to Cape Town to be exhibited at the Association of Visual Arts gallery. Paul van Schalkwyk was Namibia’s original fine art aerial photographer who set the benchmark within this genre. He was a solo adventurer and a risk taker with a deep personal and emotional connection to the land he called home. From his soaring perspective, the landscape of Namibia that had inspired him throughout his life took on a new vivacity of its own. Far from conservative documentations of specific scenes or places, the harsh contrasts, extraordinary colors and rich textures in these images truly invoke a feeling of awe.

The project is a narrative spanning 10 years of Paul’s quest for a pristine land: a chronicle that ironically thrust him into a dilemma from which he could not escape. His yearning to seek out the unblemished, to photograph it and to share it became a double-edged act of admiration and interruption.

The show presents the viewer with a multi-faceted experience of familiar and unfamiliar landscape locations, which prompt a fascination with the aesthetic of an aerial viewpoint with its ability to see the unseen. It simultaneously probes one’s own association with the land and how our voyager meanderings come to take effect. It points to wider issues of climate change and is thus as much to do with our need to reassess our relationship with the planet as it is to do with our observation of it. In physics, the term “observer effect” refers to changes that the act of observation has on the phenomenon of being observed. With the modern world’s impulse to travel and consequent obsession to photograph the land that is seen, we come to question our own act of visual detection and what this in turn means for the livelihood of that very land which we so seemingly admire.

Curator, Jackie Ruth Murray who collaborated closely with Paul over the past three years has designed a multimedia installation comprising high quality Dibond prints, video/audio recordings of Paul’s flying missions, textual transcripts detailing research and GPS coordinates, and physical assemblages from light aircrafts.

During the month of April the exhibition will support a public arts program on environmental issues in collaboration with partner organizations; Young and Rubicam, The Big Issue magazine, Spier Regenerative Agriculture, Maccassar Educational Organization, the Big Fish School of Digital Filmmaking and Go/Weg magazine. Activities which will involve a public talk, an exhibition walkabout, video screenings, and an outing with schoolchildren from under resourced schools, will focus specifically on how land changes and aims to create awareness and develop action.

Renowned South African artist, art critic, writer, and academic Virginia MacKenny will open the exhibition on the 24 March at 18h00.

February 19, 2015 - Comments Off on Forming Impressions: The Ghost in the Machine

Forming Impressions: The Ghost in the Machine

works by Christian Nerf William Kentridge and Mongezi Ncaphayi

works by Christian Nerf William Kentridge and Mongezi Ncaphayi

Forming Impressions: The Ghost in the Machine

The AVA Gallery in partnership with Spier is pleased to present ‘Forming Impressions: The Ghost in the Machine’ a curated exhibition of original prints from the studios of Artist Proof Studio in Johannesburg and Warren Editions in Cape Town.

The exhibition comes at a time when South Africa’s rich history of printmaking is at an impasse, caught between the globalised trend in painting (referred to as the ‘silver-age’ of Abstract Expressionism) and the Internet, which has seemingly exhausted the potential of representation.

The exhibition takes its title from Gilbert Ryle’s critique of Hume’s concept of the distinction between ‘ideas’ and ‘impressions’, a critique that questioned the duality of the mind’s relationship to the phenomenal world.   ‘Forming Impressions’ seeks, in part, to question whether printmakers in South Africa, whose works formally resemble Abstract Expressionism, are influenced by Expressionism’s own claims that there exists a duality inherent in expressive form.

In the catalogue essay that accompanies the exhibition the curator, Matthew Blackman, contextualises certain questions in contemporary printmaking practices in South Africa.  He goes on to suggest that the works on ‘Forming Impressions’ intimate that this formalist development in South African printmaking has little connection with current overseas trends and more to do with South Africa’s own rhymes, politics and art history.

List of Artists:

Doris Bloom, Jan-Henri Booyens, Katherine Bull, Paul Edmunds, Georgina Gratrix, William Kentridge, Mongezi Ncaphayi Christian Nerf, Nkosana Nhlapo, Lucas Nkgweng, Jody Paulsen, Richard Penn, Chloë Reid, Matty Roodt, Michael Taylor, David Tsoka, Sara-Aimee Verity, Max Wolpe


‘Forming Impressions: The Ghost in the Machine’ opens on the 26 February at 18:00 at:

The AVA Gallery, 35 Church Street, Cape Town, 8001.

26 February – 19 March

February 6, 2015 - Comments Off on CALL FOR PAINTING SUBMISSIONS: The Claims of the Land


The AVA would like to announce that it will be accepting submissions for a small curated painting exhibition titled ‘The Claims of the Land’. The exhibition which will run concurrently with a larger exhibition of the aerial photography work of Paul van Schalkwyk entitled ‘The Pristine Land’.

‘The Claims of the Land’ can be interpreted as broadly as artists wish but issues such as what claim we have to land, as well as what our intervention into the land demands of us, can be used as a point of departure. Inherent within this are ideas of local politics as well as broader environmental and ecological concerns.

Artists can submit, in the medium of paint, one work only. The size of the work can vary but should not be bigger than one square meter. All work must be submitted to the AVA Gallery by the 4 March 2015.

The work will be evaluated by our selection committee and curated into an exhibition for sale that will open on 24 March 2015. All work will be priced in consultation with our director and be sold with the usual AVA commission.

For further information email or call (021) 424 7436